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We are happy to announce that we have begun the development of our very own DeFi wallet.

As the second of our products now in development, we believe our own fiat-to-crypto-enabled wallet will push us on to the next level in our journey. Working with the development team at the global software company; Antier Solutions, we are building a product that simplifies the purchase of our currency and offers portfolio and asset tracking/analysis, full integration with our DEX, and much more.

The launch of our DeFi wallet (launching at the end of Q4 2021), is a landmark steppingstone for TradeStrike…

As further UK banks continue to place restrictions on customer transactions to and from, we feel it is important to update and reassure our investors on what this means for TradeStrike and the crypto market here in the UK in general.

From our current understanding, these restrictions result from banks erring on the side of caution as the UK’s financial conduct authority begins to clamp down on Binance.

On June 26th 2021, the FCA issued a warning that Binance Markets Limited ‘Is not permitted to undertake any regulated activity in the UK.’

These warnings from the regulators come after…

With Binance facing a backlash from a number of regulatory bodies, most recently the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, it is important for us at TradeStrike to follow these updates closely and ensure we manoeuvre our development in line with any new regulatory changes.

The existing standards governing asset tokenisation are undeveloped due to the blockchain industry being unchartered territory. As such, outdated regulations are having to be warped to accommodate this new tech that operates outside of traditional securitisation. In order to tap into tokenisation’s true potential, new regulations are required.

Countries such as Austria and Luxembourg have already begun…

Since our launch in April 2021, TradeStrike has made sensational strides towards delivering its revolutionary vision for a token-based investment platform to trade Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and other assets. We’re building our foundation on cutting-edge blockchain technology, and paired with our focus to bridge a vast gap in the market to provide a truly authentic and unrivalled trading experience for retail investors — we believe TradeStrike will propel to the forefront of the rapidly growing investing space.

Here’s how we’ve done so far:-


With over 5300+ holders and a market cap of over $6 million, our Binance Smart Chain-based dual-purpose utility token, $STRIKE, is slowly gaining…

We’re thrilled to announce that $STRIKE is now listed on LunarCrush — a social listening platform for crypto. Make sure to add us to your favourites to push us up the rankings!

We’ve spent the last few weeks in a series of back-to-back sessions with various agencies and firms, laying the framework for the business. Whilst we’ve made great strides that will soon bolster the groundwork of the TradeStrike platform… in the back of our minds — all we’ve wanted to do is to begin visualising the product.

The platform design itself isn’t scheduled to begin until Q3, but admittedly, excitement has gotten the better of us, and we’ve started toying around with some ideas. We wanted to give a brief glimpse of a high-fidelity wireframe mockup of the dashboard, alongside an…

The true potential of blockchain is only beginning to unfurl, and the most exciting way in which this transformative technology is being utilised — is through Decentralised Finance. ‘DeFi’ alleviates the necessity of the ‘middle man’ and the reduction in associated costs and provision allow for a considerably more seamless experience for the provider and user. As such, ‘DeFi’ is poised to disrupt the fintech industry, and the way in which TradeStrike is harnessing this technology comes in the form of Tokenisation.

Treading mostly unchartered territory — it’s essential for emerging companies to adhere to the existing regulatory frameworks in…

After a long and arduous journey, today we’re proud to have successfully passed the vetting process (and the rigorous waiting time) from CoinGecko.

Go add us to your favourites and please vote to help the algorithm!

Dear Strike family,

As of this moment, I’ve time-locked my entire StrikeCoin holding — here’s my wallet. This is something I’d mentally and verbally committed to at the start of the project, not only as a pledge to the community that rallied behind us, but also as an open challenge to myself, our team, and our vision.

TradeStrike was born from the frustration of the lack of freedom that we retail investors have, and the clear manipulation that we face from both hedge funds and the collusive platforms that act as enablers. …

We’ve begun turning the wheels on our vision of revolutionising the way people trade Stocks, Crypto, NFTs, and real estate — do you have what it takes to join us on our journey?

We’re looking for a Developer with a passion for Crypto that can manage all technical aspects of the StrikeCoin. This will be a major role and will require full dedication to the project, enabling the Co-Founders to focus efforts on the TradeStrike platform development.

We’re doing something that’s entirely challenging the status quo — and the space in which we’re operating in requires integrity, accountability and manouvering…


We're building a fair and ethical trading platform for the people

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