With 20+ years working across global channels, a proven track record of driving organisational transformation and growth through strategic planning and alignment, products and solutions development/delivery, as well as ownership of technical and commercial practices/business units.


Extensive technical background (across storage and infrastructure systems, networking, security and dev-ops) enables a…

StrikeX — Solana

Here at StrikeX we continuously strive to be at the absolute forefront of blockchain innovation & market trends. Whilst our native currency STRX is a BSC token, we have our finger on the pulse, relentlessly monitoring this ever-evolving space in which we operate.

We are thrilled to…

Sharing your investments with friends, family and other crypto investors alike is an imperative part of any community’s growth. With this in mind, we have partnered with Flooz.Trade. Using their referral programme, community members can profit from shilling… and it could not be more simple.

How it works

1. When on the Swap section of our DEX — simply connect your wallet and click the ‘Share & Earn’ Button


As a seasoned Engineer, Developer and Innovator — Jason has built an extensive background in cybersecurity. With a wealth of experience, Jason’s expertise has proven to be critical in architecting secure, highly scalable and resilient systems for start-ups, large enterprises, service providers and multinational distributors alike.


Cloud Environments, Laravel, PHP…

We’ve partnered with Sapience, the London-based public relations/digital marketing consultancy that boast a strong track record & longstanding relationships with media across both tech and financial services, helping to position them as one of London’s leading agencies for fintech firms.

Why Sapience

As a specialist fintech communications agency, their team is comprised…

Now well into its development, our groundbreaking crypto wallet is taking shape and edging closer to total market domination. Containing all the features that current market leaders are severely lacking, our wallet provides all the tools required for crypto traders & HODLers to truly benefit.

We’re extremely proud to announce that we’ll be bringing on board x2 fantastic interim CTOs to oversee the StrikeX product portfolio going forward.

We’ll be working closely with a highly-skilled and certified technologist with a proven track record of providing high quality, resilient hardware and software solutions for some of…


We're building a fair and ethical trading platform for the people

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