Business Update

2022 has been a torrid time for the cryptocurrency market in general, with our very own utility token, STRX, too feeling the pinch of the crypto winter. Whilst lesser projects that enjoyed the highs of the 2021 bull run have disappeared altogether, at StrikeX we have been building relentlessly. Our resolve has remained unflinching, and our business is stronger now than ever before. Whether you believe the market has ‘bottomed out,’ or you believe the bull run will not return until the next Bitcoin halving, one thing that is guaranteed is that StrikeX will succeed in our goals regardless of market conditions.

Last month we launched our StrikeX | DeFi Crypto Wallet, a long-awaited first release from the TradeStrike team. In merely a matter of weeks, we have pushed down updates including new features such as Direct STRX purchases via Apple Pay, as well as multiple bug fixes. We have further features being implemented to our wallet, such as cross-chain swaps, NFT galleries, ledger compatibility, staking compatibility and additional network integrations, all of which will ensure its place as the best DeFi wallet on the market. We have already accrued 2,000 downloads, and a 4.9 average review rating in both stores. Our download numbers are increasing day by day, and we are on track to reach internal targets.

Having spent the last 12 months as a ‘speculative’ project, it is with great pride we now deliver tangible products that people all around the world can download and enjoy. The importance now comes in expanding our product user base, this is being achieved in the near to mid-term by ensuring targeted ads and growing our exposure on the AppStore. The more users our products get, the more marketing resources we can deploy to further expand the exposure of the StrikeX ecosystem.

We have our Decentralised Exchange, TradeX, nearing completion and moving into the BETA testing stage and due for a Q4 launch. This new additional product further cements the StrikeX Eco-system’s capability as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things cryptocurrency.

Whilst growing the user base of our DeFi products strengthens, legitimises, and exposes our brand to new people, the release of TradeStrike is where our mission truly begins. Creating a centralised trading platform where users can trade a multitude of assets, including cryptocurrencies and public stocks 24/7 with no downtime, has always been our very reason for being. The launch of TradeStrike will see STRX (our native currency) finally see its true utility. Further developments such as our stock token bridge and custom-built blockchain will see the StrikeX eco-system and our STRX utility token propel to the forefront of the cryptocurrency space as a unique solution to finally bridge the gap between the traditional and cryptocurrency market.

Whilst the road to StrikeX’s success is anything but a straightforward one, it is one we tread confidently and unwaveringly, one we will continue to travel until we have achieved everything we set out to do and more.

— The TradeStrikeBVI Team

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