End of Q2 2021 update

Since our launch in April 2021, TradeStrike has made sensational strides towards delivering its revolutionary vision for a token-based investment platform to trade Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and other assets. We’re building our foundation on cutting-edge blockchain technology, and paired with our focus to bridge a vast gap in the market to provide a truly authentic and unrivalled trading experience for retail investors — we believe TradeStrike will propel to the forefront of the rapidly growing investing space.


With over 5300+ holders and a market cap of over $6 million, our Binance Smart Chain-based dual-purpose utility token, $STRIKE, is slowly gaining traction as new investors recognise its potential. As we make key steps toward the platform, we believe this number will increase at an incredible pace.

StrikeCoin was created to be the native token for the TradeStrike trading platform, and its goal of being utilised in every transaction provides it significant functionality and dominance over other tokens — as has been proven by its formidable staying power in a space that has largely seen many cryptocurrencies fold under the burden of market volatility in the past few weeks.


The last two months have been filled with back-to-back meetings with a variety of companies branching the full spectrum of the blockchain realm. After meticulous planning and decision making, we’ve begun to line up the perfect partnerships required to bring our project to fruition:

We’ve signed an agreement with an FCA-regulated and world-leading entity to manage our first official round of funding. The details of this partnership will be released in a matter of weeks.

Working in the CeFi space necessitates that TradeStrike is fully licenced and regulated by the markets in which we operate. Cryptocurrency and tokenisation are still in their infancy, and as such; a regulatory minefield to navigate. After having spoken to the partners at the firm — we’ve engaged the compliance team at a world-renowned legal firm. Being well-versed with the experience, we’re confident that all compliance issues will be addressed in the best way possible by leading experts that are well recognised within the industry.

The creation of the exchange itself is the most crucial milestone in the TradeStrike journey. Having spoken to several development teams from around the world, we’ve narrowed our selection down to the company with the experience we believe is the best fit for us in helping to create the high-quality exchange we seek, and has the capability to scale according to our needs.

Once we have made headway with the development of the exchange itself, we will need to work with a ledger provider to issue the tokenised stocks we want to provide on our exchange. We’ve already narrowed these down to the final few choices, and any one of these companies would be a benefit to our project.


We’re to launch our very own Decentralised Exchange; StrikeLite, at the beginning of Q3 2021. With the popularity of DeFi, we saw the opportunity to launch our own DEX as a logical step to bring about a tangible precursor to the main CeFi project earlier on in our roadmap. Allowing our users to swap, stake, pool and farm Strike within the DEX not only adds more immediate utility to our token, but offers an attractive means of generating a passive income for StrikeCoin holders. As StrikeLite begins to grow, we’ll look to further develop its capabilities in the form of cross-chain transactions and build a Strike Wallet capable of facilitating fiat payments. We believe the success of StrikeLite will bolster our holder numbers and allow us to reach a broader target audience for when TradeStrike launches next year. Converting StrikeLite users to the first potential TradeStrike users adds tremendous advantages to the main platform launch.


TradeStrike finds itself uniquely positioned to benefit from the boom in both the DeFi and CeFi investment markets. Despite only being in our infancy, our progress ahead of our roadmap has shown the rapid speed at which we’re growing and evolving to harness the momentum of the most exciting and lucrative technology shift of the last 30 years, enabling us to build the platform that the people deserve.

— The TradeStrike Team.

You can purchase StrikeCoins through our website. Make sure to add $STRIKE to your CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Blockfolio, or Coinbase portfolio to keep tabs on us, boost our ranking, and spread the word!

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