Note to Investors — I’ve locked all of my coins.

Dear Strike family,

As of this moment, I’ve time-locked my entire StrikeCoin holding — here’s my wallet. This is something I’d mentally and verbally committed to at the start of the project, not only as a pledge to the community that rallied behind us, but also as an open challenge to myself, our team, and our vision.

TradeStrike was born from the frustration of the lack of freedom that we retail investors have, and the clear manipulation that we face from both hedge funds and the collusive platforms that act as enablers. As such, the focus of this project for both Joe and I has always been to deliver an innovative and simple-to-use platform, built for the people — with the utmost and absolute resolve.

I said it at the beginning of the project, throughout the duration of the highs and lows — here it is again, on record;

“I want to use StrikeCoin on TradeStrike. I will not be touching a single token until we’re breathing down the necks of our competition.”

StrikeCoin is unlike most others on the market. It’s not a hype or meme coin. By design, it has the function to serve as a dual-purpose utility token that will deliver an existing user base to the very platform it will sit at the heart of.

That said, we have the privilege and a great responsibility to maintain most focus on the platform itself, as ultimately, the progress of the platform will bring in additional and larger investors. However, eventually, the platform’s value will transfer to the token; catapulting its value immensely, and enabling it to thrive alongside the delivery of our product.

I feel this community is unlike any other — with genuine and everlasting support that will enable Joe and myself to deliver the vision that we all share; an innovative and easy-to-use platform, free from restrictions and interference. As mentioned in the AMA, we believe the holders of the token are true investors that believe in the project — this fact is cemented by your dedication and tireless efforts on social media, as well as the token’s fighting spirit.

It’s not been easy, but together as a community we’ve managed to regain the value of StrikeCoin by 1120% (x12) at the time of this writing. What’s more, we were recently close to meeting the previous ATH whilst having simultaneously smashed through the 5000 holder mark.

We’ve been having some very interesting meetings this week, with follow-ups and leads scheduled running into the following week. Though we cannot divulge any information, it's safe to say we’re attracting the right interest. What’s more, expressing the demand that we’ve garnered from the public in our short operating period, is turning heads.

We’ve undertaken the immeasurable task of changing the way this game is set up against us. But we truly believe that, together, the power of the people will conspire the universe to not only push us to achieve our goal — but to place us at the forefront of our competition.

Please continue to support each other as always, as well as any new investors joining our family. We want to ensure our growth remains natural, loyal, and everyone’s vision is aligned in bringing this business and its’ vision to fruition — as the people’s platform.

Thank you for your faith and belief in us, we hope you will continue to hold so we can deliver the platform we deserve to trade on — together.

Much love,

Kishan Vadgama
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of TradeStrike Ltd.

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