October Update

StrikeX Wallet

While we continue to wait for iOS App Store approval, we have used the time afforded to us to iron out reported bugs and implement additional features to the StrikeX Wallet. We are now running V1.3 on the Google Play Store and expect to release a further update within the coming week.

— Bug fixes
— Transak Integration
— Direct fiat to crypto on & off ramp

Next up:
— Wallet Connect V2 integration
— Bug fixes
— On/Off-ramp design update

Cross-chain Swaps

Having nearly completed the closed Beta testing of our cross-chain swap feature, we will be making this feature public for open testing before it is integrated into the StrikeX Wallet. We expect to make cross-chain swaps available to the public within the next 2 weeks.

Beta Programme Expansion.

We are still accepting new applications to join our Beta testing programme. You can sign up at https://bit.ly/TradeXBeta.

Note — to ensure your application is successful, please fill out all requested fields.


We have held back releasing TradeX to our Beta testers whilst they have been busy testing wallet updates. Once we are positive we have recorded all bugs experienced in both the StrikeX Wallet and the cross-chain swaps feature, we will release TradeX for testing. We are confident in a Q4 TradeX launch, however, a more accurate timeframe for launch will be given once Beta testing has concluded.


Our flagship product has been in development for over a year and is edging closer to completion. Before we can commit to a timeframe for launch, we must first wait for the Beta build to be released to us for internal testing.


Whilst 2021/2022 has been predominantly focused on developing a solid business foundation and product development; we can now begin to target growth. With the launch of our StrikeX Wallet onto the Google Play Store comes our first marketable product. Despite the iOS App Store review causing a delay to our marketing plans, we are confident that when approval does come, we have what it takes to break into the crypto mainstream and bring thousands of users into the StrikeX ecosystem.

— The TradeStrikeBVI Team

Learn more about our project on www.tradestrike.io



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