Regulatory Framework

The true potential of blockchain is only beginning to unfurl, and the most exciting way in which this transformative technology is being utilised — is through Decentralised Finance. ‘DeFi’ alleviates the necessity of the ‘middle man’ and the reduction in associated costs and provision allow for a considerably more seamless experience for the provider and user. As such, ‘DeFi’ is poised to disrupt the fintech industry, and the way in which TradeStrike is harnessing this technology comes in the form of Tokenisation.

Treading mostly unchartered territory — it’s essential for emerging companies to adhere to the existing regulatory frameworks in order to operate efficiently within the space. In order to be able to offer the trading of assets such as publicly listed stocks, currency pairs and a broad range of cryptocurrencies within the UK — certain compliances must be met.

As such, to ensure adherence to all existing forms of rules and regulations, we’ve decided to work closely with a prominent law firm with a wealth of knowledge, unrivalled experience and a desire to collaborate on innovative projects. This partnership will enable TradeStrike to take full advantage of the revolutionary world of Tokenisation — whilst ensuring all regulations are met to the absolute highest standards.

— The TradeStrike Team

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